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This Week's Need To Know


June 13th - We will be moving to our new website starting today and because of that you may get a page not found message or an error as we move over. 



Fall Registration is open.

Please use the link below to get to our new site as we are moving over to it in a couple of weeks. You know how difficult it is to move. We have to notify the cable, power, forward our mail, etc. 









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Field Status
Quad Field 4 - West Boynton TBD (6/17) 
Quad Field 5 - West Boynton TBD (6/17) 
Quad Field 6 - West Boynton TBD (6/17) 
Quad Field 7 - West Boynton TBD (6/17) 
Santaluces F2 - Lantana TBD (6/17) 
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